Mining Industry

The discovery and subsequent extraction of resources from the ground has been the foundation of our way of life and in some respects our prosperity.   Through history, different civilizations flourished in response to technological advances based on the minerals and metals extracted from the earth.  

The mining of a commodity and its subsequent utilization is a complex process.  Years of exploration using geophysical methods, geochemical indicators and extensive drilling often goes into the definition of a resource.  Before any extraction occurs numerous factors come into play such as financial considerations, environmental constraints, legal and cultural issues as well as the intended extractive infrastructure and metallurgical processes required to obtain the final product. 

Mining has many associated risks such as natural forces, climate, global financial stability, market forces, and both global and domestic political stability.   Technological difficulties may also impact on the viability and long-term prospects of the commodity extraction.

Hensel Geosciences provides professional services to the mining industry from the exploration stage to the production stage.  Key services include petrography/petrology, geochemistry, X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and a range of other sophisticated scientific analyses.

List of services

Exploration stage


Provide a petrographic service to cover all requirements, from:

  • basic rock identification
  • identification plus brief description with modal analysis
  • detailed state-of-the-art petrographic analysis
  • as above and including indicated petrology with large captioned colour photomicrographs
  • Check and if necessary re-interpret earlier petrographic analyses
  • Provide advice on most appropriate geochemical/scientific testing of samples
  • Organize and/or conduct specific geochemical tests; interpret all results
  • Relate geochemistry to mineralogy
  • Check and if necessary re-interpret earlier geochemical analyses in relation to petrology
X-ray diffraction

Provide an X-ray diffraction service (with interpretation) to cover all requirements, from:

  • basic mineral identification
  • complex mineral identification
  • quantitative analysis of simple and complex systems
  • clay mineral analysis
Scanning electron microscopy/electron microprobe
  • to identify phases too small to resolve with optical microscopy
  • to characterize intergrowths or exsolution features; establish compositional zoning
Others forms of scientific analyses
  • geochronology
  • isotopic characterization

Production stage

  • Assist geological and engineering staff with problems encountered during the development of mine, shafts, tunnels, roadways
  • Monitor changes in mineralogy through petrography and XRD analyses