Contemporary rock art is intended to unambiguously distinguish images of rocks as viewed under a petrological microscope from the broad field of archaeological art forms.  Modern photographic techniques allow the creation of infinite images of geological materials using a range of optical instruments and attachments.   Many of these images serve to describe certain minerals, textures, structures and other features that are vital for a better understanding of stone and rock across a number of industries.  A large collection of such instructive images provides a substantial educational resource apart from the more individual glamorous visual art forms.

Most of the images are taken with a Nikon D200 camera attached to a polarizing Nikon microscope with DIC lenses.  In addition to ordinary transmitted light microscopy images can also be taken in polarized light and reflected light and enhanced/modified by special lenses.  Photographic conditions are infinitely variable.

A range of images is provided for viewing under the three principal geological categories depending on the conditions of formation (igneousmetamorphicsedimentary).  Large format high quality images are available for sale for both art and educational purposes and scientific descriptions can be provided.  Framed oil paintings of some images may be available on request.