Welcome to Hensel Geosciences – the site that opens your eyes to the world of stone and rock. The site has been established to provide access for you to the highest level of scientific and technical expertise servicing the construction, mining and geotechnical industries.

With more than 30 years of experience in many of the fields of geosciences, practical experience in the testing of stone and rock materials, and many years of hands-on dimension stone quarrying, Hensel Geosciences specializes in investigative geoscientific matters and in assisting the construction industry in selecting and procuring the right stone for the intended application.  

This might involve testing the stone to ensure that it meets all requirements and it may necessitate inspection of quarries and processing facilities to ensure that the stone will be available for the project in the time required.

If you have already purchased your stone and require advice on its likely performance it might be necessary to review the environment of application.  Based on the technical characteristics of the stone this might require an assessment of the best method of fixing and subsequent maintenance.

If you have already bought the stone and have used it in a number of applications and it is performing badly or has failed it might be necessary to investigate the reasons for its poor performance or failure and provide advice on the most appropriate action or remediation.

Hensel Geosciences provide:stone advice, stone information, rock advice, rock information, marble advice, marble information, granite advice, granite information, stone testing services, stone consulting services, and a large range of other professional geoscientific consulting and domestic stone services.